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Middle Level Routines in Mathematics

Number Talks:
Math Solutions 2014 NCTM presentation on Number Talks in Middle School

Number Talks - Middle School

Number Talks Planning Guide

3-Act Task Repositories:
Graham Fletcher -
Mike Wiernicki -
Robert Kaplinsky -
Dan Meyer -
Dane Elhert -
Ontario Math -
Mr. Kraft -
Jeanette Stein -
Mike W's, Graham F's, & Jenise Sexton's 3-Act Spreadsheet -

Andrew Stadel's 3-Act Task Flow Map

Daniel Schwartz on "telling too soon"

Instructional Toolkit for Mathematics

Standards for Mathematical Practice...for Teachers

Standards for Mathematical Practice in Action:
Algebra I students from North Hall Middle School in Hall County, Georgia, engaging in all of the SMPs -
Inside Mathematics: Mathematical Practice Standards -
Illustrative Mathematics: Practice Standards -
Teaching Channel: Mathematics Videos -

SMP and TKES Look-Fors (Student and Teacher Behaviors)

SMP Teacher Growth Rubric

Mathematics Standards-Based Classroom Instructional Framework

Deconstructing Standards 5-Step Protocol

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