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Unit 3 Edited (8/2017) 3-Act Task: The Fastest

Standards for Mathematical Practice...for Teachers

Howard County, Maryland, Mathematics 7 Curricular Resources

Unit 1 Task: Hot Air Balloon - Adaptions and Extensions
Courtesy of Robyn Overick

Open Middle Problems/Tasks for all grade levels -


Courtesy of Gwinnett County- Open Middle Tasks aligned to AKS (end of coding correlates with MGSE).

Building Multiplication Fluency in Middle School (Part 1) -


Building Multiplication Fluency in Middle School (Part 2) -


Building Multiplication Fluency in Middle School (Part 3) -


Building Multiplication Fluency in Middle School (Part 4) -


Marbleslide Madness! (Standards for Mathematical Practice in action) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ3eV6v9Ij8

Excellent video of Georgia students engaged in all of the SMPs. The students are part of an Algebra I class at North Hall Middle School in Hall County, Georgia. This video was part of Dan Meyer's blog post //Marbleslide Madness//; a post which called attention to the new Desmos Marbleslide activity.

A few other sites which show the SMPs in action are:
Inside Mathematics: Mathematical Practice Standards - http://www.insidemathematics.org/common-core-resources/mathematical-practice-standards
Illustrative Mathematics: Practice Standards - https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/practice-standards
Teaching Channel: Mathematics Videos - https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos?page=1&categories=subjects_math&load=1

Formative Assessment PLUS Practice Activity

Making Middle School Math Conceptual Prezi

Using math manipulatives with 7th grade standards Weebly Link

Supplemental Resources Alignment Guide - Various resources aligned with each task within the 7th grade frameworks.

Courtesy of Camden County:

1. One of our ongoing struggles in mathematics classes is getting students to actually READ word problems, and identify relationships in order to solve them. This is demonstrated so well in Robert Kaplinsky’s “How Old is the Shepherd” video.

2. We stumbled in to Brian Stockus’s blog (thank you, Graham Fletcher) and a wonderful strategy for prompting students to engage with the problem solving before plucking numbers from among words and randomly trying some operations with them! By taking out all of the numbers, students talk and debate and make sense out of the situation. They might suggest numbers that could be inserted into the problem, and even try their own and compare with classmates. Rich sense-making! Then provide them with the numbers, one at a time, and watch them reason, persevere, attend to precision… ah, those standards for mathematical practice! https://bstockus.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/numberless-word-problems/

3. Two subsequent blog posts provide additional information and samples for Numberless Word Problems:

4. We have taken problems from some of the GaDOE Framework tasks, as well as from the Georgia Milestones Study/Resource Guides and tried this strategy. Take away the numbers, figure out what is being asked, then replace the numbers and see what happens.

Sample Item 13, Georgia Milestones Grade 7 EOG Study/Resource Guide for Students and Parents:
A bicycle training wheel has a certain radius. The bicycle wheel has a larger radius. Approximately how much smaller, in square inches, is the area of the training wheel than the area of the regular wheel?

What do you wonder? What do you notice? What is the problem asking for? What numbers might be in the problem?

A bicycle training wheel has a radius of 3 inches. The bicycle wheel has a radius of 10 inches. Approximately how much smaller, in square inches, is the area of the training wheel than the area of the regular wheel?

The Need for Change - Classroom Structure: Homework

Great Classroom Projects & Assessment Tasks at http://www.bowlandmaths.org.uk/index.html

Haralson County Middle School has placed resources in one livebinder: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=380192 and 7th grade specific resources in another:

http://www.livebinders.com/play/present?id=401061 .

As we work tasks and gain experience with the materials we update the livebinder resources.

Courtesy of Gwinnett County- List of MathShell Formative Assessment Lessons by quarter and aligned to the AKS (ends of coding correlate with MGSE).

A Google form for math teachers