The Numeracy Project, GloSS, and IKAN are creations of the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Please give them credit when using/adapting their documents. Most of these documents are not creations of the Georgia Department of Education.

GloSS and IKAN

Why GloSS and IKAN? This document provides some thoughts:

Getting the best out of the Gloss and IKAN- A prezi with audio to be viewed and discussed at your own pace.

GloSS and IKAN from NZMaths:

Numeracy Project via Graham Fletcher (Gloss and IKAN Overview, How it Works, Strategy Stages at-a-Glance, Create Your Manuel):

Numeracy Project Resources:

GloSS and IKAN General Information:

Strategy Stage Descriptions:

GloSS and IKAN Cumulative Record Sheet:

**Can be used as a math running record and included in permanent record folder.


IKAN Manual:

IKAN Webinar Link and PowerPoint:

**Correction to PowerPoint notes regarding scoring on slide 17 - The fine print at the bottom of the scoring document should read "Last stage of mastery", not "Highest or Lowest stage at which all 8 items are correct." This is very important because the stage in which a student gets all the answers correct before missing any in the next stage is where you want to score a student. The incorrect responses in the next stage may reveal an easily corrected misconception.

IKAN downloadable assessment videos 1 - 4:

**When downloading videos, use the mp4 versions instead of the flash versions.

**Do not pause of stop when using the videos because they are intentionally timed.

Classroom video of middle school students taking the IKAN:

IKAN Student Answer Recording Form (customizable):

IKAN Student Answer Recording Form (NZ version):

**Remember to instruct students to continue answering all the way to the end. Suggest they put a question mark if they do not know the answer to a question.

IKAN Questions and Answers:

IKAN Answers (no questions):

IKAN Counting Interview (for early stages of Number Knowledge; stages 1, 2, & 3):

K-8 IKAN Continuum Expectations (Henry County):

K-8 IKAN Continuum Expectations (Jefferson County):


GloSS Form E & H:

GloSS Recording Sheet: